Friday, 30 April 2010

The ME Again

What an emotive topic this one. There are two camps one is 'It's random bollocks' (T Bag classic) the other 'it's the best sim of football you can find'.

If you were to say zero was random and 10 the best I think I'd be a 6 maybe at times a 7.

My main objection isn't that it's random bollocks but actually the complete opposite. If it was random then bad and good things would happen randomly, they don't, they happen in almost predicable fashion.

After ten minutes if you've hit the post a few times you just as well shut up shop. You can feel a superkeepr game coming. I have to say I get this feeling in football as well, certainly watching the Swans play:)

It's pointless doing my loaded dice theory again, I might post it up as fixed page.

I owned Ronaldo once a bad run of form was losing one game and whilst the likes of Sami Nasri and Albiol would be 'playing nervously' Ronaldo was always 'Playing with confidence' or some other positive thing. So just amass a team of Ronaldo like players are everything is fine:)

In other news this formation works great, it's not for me I play 4-4-2 and football. The ME has never worked well with narrow and this guys team is going great guns, he's playing a computer game I'm playing a football game.

I lose and enjoy he wins and enjoys so it's a win win. I did try to counter with a wider 4-4-2 but no luck.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Crazy Times

I've still got me eye out for a few players in Turkland mainly a DC. The current going rate for a young DC £250k Aq Fee with decent ish stats is around £30k.

I've yet to go overdrawn wages sitting at £55k ish and ability of team is 7.5 ish. Started with P4 W3 L1 in the top tier, target is top 10.

Towards the end of the wage auctions I was looking for an U17 left back bid on four three went for £7k! These are players that are not doing that well at youth level.

Crazy times. I'm still expecting a high churn rate until there are enough managers playing that will be happy just playing the game, where winning isn't the main thing. So over the next 3/4 months we'll see busy and quiet times.

Buckle up, keep it tight and enjoy the ride is my motto.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

One of those 'Out There' ideas

I've been thinking about this for some time and I was reading Eurogamer Article:-

The company is also looking at gaining expertise in the social gaming category, but could not say how significant digital would be to the overall business.

The GW's will always be hard to fill where managers are also rans it just doesn't appeal to enough. However I've noticed that a massive opportunity exists on the likes of facebook etc, a true casual experience.

So I'm wondering if SI could do a facebook app with a free to play interface to FM Live Gameworlds where if you like an underclass of FM Managers reside.

See Facebook is worth serious money these days, I'm in marketing and the users on there are real, I can target advertising at a very specific accurate demographic. It's the next big thing for gaming.

How would it work.... well I'd imagine that you'd have a micro team income capped at say £20k a day or something, maybe even allow managers to progress all the way but they won't have the 2d or 3d ME just plain text.

Funded primarily from advertising but also subscriptions once managers got hooked.

I know it's 'out there' but these are times where you have to be thinking fast these days. If SI don't do it then Eidos will!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Youth Academies Again

Well the 'youth academy sucks' movement is now gaining momentum, it's puzzling as to what some managers expect. 'I've gambled it has not paid off I demand the game be changed so my gamble is a banker.'

Meanwhile bid is in for a wing back in Turkland that is quick, high concentration decisions can tackle and cross. He's old so I doubt anyone else will bid.

Finding a striker was proving more difficult and both current senior strikers at 28+ so I started looking at older youths. At this stage in a full GW you have to shop in the gaps but I might have got lucky with this fella.

Composure and finishing are normally linked, like acceleration and pace. The rest of his stats are dreamy and he started in a pool on £40k only getting a handful of games in a struggling team. Wage demand £2.5k a day so I'm paying just £3 a day more.

I think I'm still yet to go overdrawn in Turkland but the squad is pushing 3.5 in the biography. I'm hoping this is good enough for a top half finish in the top tier, wages sitting at £50k a day and a dandy projected of close to £2m.

I'm not saving for the sake of it if I can bag a high rep player on a low ish wage in the right position I'll go for him. What I'm not doing is throwing the projected on players that are just marginally better than what I've got.

The players on the free agent list are drop dead mouth open amazing. I've seen managers let go their 28/29 £50k Aq Fee players on low wages in preference for youths on high wages. Some of these have been doing 7+ at senior level.

Stayed in the EFA in Voller and OFA in Turkland, still totally convinced not tiering up these FA's earlier was a bad idea. Compete at your own level is all very well but if that level isn't set till season 4 it's a long time.

Done and Dusted

I think I'm close to calling it on both squads for season 2 now. I think I got lucky in Voller buying when I did, as I managed to get the players on pretty low wages. It's strange but from what I've seen in Voller wages seem pretty sensible compared to Turkland.

In Turkland I needed a DC and every player was going for £10k+ at this stage of the game looking at the player and my own players it just didn't offer value. Whichever way I looked though I was going to need a DC in the end I was forced to go for a 32yo £240k on a wage of £5k a day.

I think it was the right decision even one season it could pay dividends. At exactly the same time a striker with the same Aq Fee went for £18k wage, £364k a season more, if he does two seasons for me I'm almost a million better off.

I think I'll look to bargain hunt for a right back, and in Turkland I have no cover on the right wing so need to be mindful of that.

Read T bag's thoughts on the economy and I'm not so sure of a downturn, restart or new managers can now spend their entire projected and this pumps a lot of money in especially if their a bit green.

Going to be a tough season in both GW's we're in the top tier in both and neither team is exactly breathtaking. I'd be delighted with a top half finish in either.

GameWorldPlus is a pretty tasty site loads of tips and hints on there.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Custom FA's

After reading the forums I've started to think about Custom FA's. The danger with custom FA's is that you could start handing out rep willy nilly and then we see massive inflation but.......

In the team biography you every team has players contributing towards rep, this is calculated by scaling each team by rep of best 16 and CA of best 16. I think it should just be rep but no matter.

So in season one it goes from 1-4, so the best team in terms of rep gets a 4 then the next few teams gets a 3.9 and so on. Same thing is done with CA.

In season 4 it goes from 1-20. I don't think this works properly at the moment but if it did then you could use it to for custom FA's.

Say 10 managers wanted to play a ladder type league running five times a season or some other wildly different notion. Their players give a average rep of say 15, so the max rep give out could be 15 +- say 20%. So that league would have a max rep of 18 and bottom 12.

Needs some work and testing but the concept I think is solid.

UFFA would need some thought.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sense of some FM Live managers

I'm totally gobsmacked at some of the crazy outlook that some managers have to the game. A few times now I've seen managers pay £600k+ for 17yo's that look moderately decent that are already on high wages.

When I say high I'm talking 10k plus. Maybe I can see the sense if they are the genuine wonderkid banging in goals at senior level left right and centre but their getting outclassed at senior level now.

What on earth do they think is going to happen as the GW progress's and everyone gets a stronger team. They have no free wage budget are doomed to spend life in lower tiers, all in the off chance that the one player they've literally invested everything in might be actually good.

Meanwhile the selling club I bet is throwing a party, even in Turkland with it's early inflation you can still get two very solid senior players on £10k a day total.

You try and reason with them and often they'll go off on one and claim the player is something he clearly isn't. LOL once I a few months back was chatting to manager in an U19 game who had a kid on £30k a day. He scored a goal and the manager said 'see he's worth it'. IN A UNDER 19 GAME!

News flash if that was the Gold Cup final fair play yeah he's worth it, in a Premier League game, maybe just maybe worth it, even in the lower reaches of a FA you can make a case.

In a youth game he isn't and never will be worth it.

Turkland Woes

Been on the hunt to strengthen the squad in Turkland but I think wages have taken a turn in there. Looking at Voller same story I think I just managed to time it right.

We do have a massive amount of projected more than £2m now but I'm not panic buying, doesn't help when you can't log in.

I feel sorry for SI they've just had a run of bad form and I'm sure it'll turn eventually!

Friday, 23 April 2010

The ME isn't perfect

Hehe now it's my turn to rage. Two games left in Turkland and I need both for the title, lots of bids for players but I'm not blowing big money unless I look at a player and think 'yeah 100% he'll make a big difference'.

Don't get me wrong it's a not a team of megastars but I can possibly bring in 3/4 players over the next season and they have to be right.

Anyway got a decent looking DC / DM and played the last game. This is against a team a lot of which are 16/17, now I accept that overall my team are not good enough if they were full of superstars we'd have won.

However come on a 35yd screamer from a £16k player who is barely scratching 6.6 for the season, doh.

I can understand the complaints I mean my perspective is get a team that's good enough and it's irrelevant but sometimes you are playing with loaded dice.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Turn

Form has turned in Voller finally, taking around 16 points from the last 18 on offer.

Against a team sitting in the top 6 we were romping home to a 4-1 when a glitch meant the game restarted, still did win it in the replay 2-0.

We should have done just enough to secure a higher tiered spot next season after finishing 3rd in this stage taking me to 6th 8th and 3rd.

The EFA will be plain old Qualifiers next season with no promotion / relegation during the season. So it would be nice to get into the higher tier as it will offer a little security.

Thoughts turned to next season quickly and I thought to myself I need a DC / DM and something to offer up front.

Don't know what all this talk of inflation is as:-

The DC / DM was on £12k a day so was trying my luck on 6.6k the next highest bid was 6.5k.

Youths are worth gazillions but a 29yo who does 7.2 at senior level is worth £2k. LOL ok then!

Squad is looking good with lots of senior options to cover every position.

In other news missed the GW webcast (hope I can download it somewhere) and now the latest whines seem to be about teams restarting being able to pick anyone.

Good grief, if you haven't made any progress compared to that position then restart yourself. I can't wait to the forums go ballistic when returning starts kicks in come season 6/7.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Voller GW Cup

Mmmm the GW Cup has a Black and White Ribbon on it this season, which was a pleasant surprise. Tough final Mick's team were unlucky.

Sadly we've now gone 10 games in the league and have a record of P10 W0 D8 L2. We're hard to beat I guess but can't seem to find the killer touch, even the Cup final was a late goal in extra time.

Cancel that we've won a game in the League!

The Big Splash

I was thinking that in Voller I'm going to need three players, two full backs and a DM. I'm really not keen on spending cash but then got to thinking it's not the cash so much as the wage. Actually I could pull my AMC/FC back and get a striker.

This is going to be the 'in' thing over the next few months. Do you take your wages up and gamble on getting more prize money to fund further acquisitions or do you just wait it out for the big stars to be released in season 2.

If you wait too long whilst you'll have the cash to buy the big stars you want have the income to support them.

However I go to thinking if I don't actually increase the wages that much but improve the team then it's kind of a win - win situation.

Now I normally don't like signing players mid season because it can rock form or morale a little but my form is patchy at best. So far in this stage of the EFA we've played 7 W0 D5 L2, two of those draws have been against 1st and 2nd so maybe it's due to turn.

So three new faces have been signed up. At this stage we're not signing Messi like players but they do the P's, pace power and passion.

Not a great footballer but not too shabby, a get it and give it type that hopefully will keep on going, right back, seems the ME hates DC's that can't jump.

Quite a lot for an oldie but should get three seasons out of him (30,31, 32) at £5k a day. Can play ML / MC or FC so good cover as well.

Bit more of the value type this one but £3.5k replacing a 31 yo on £2.5k, can understand why no one has picked him up.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

More on Form

Now this is where the game gets confusing. The team in Turkland are not great lets be fair but a bit of luck got some good form going early on.

I don't want to knock them too much because quite a few of the players I suspect have good hidden stats which kept the run going for longer than their stats would make you think.

The bubble burst though and I was expecting it but look at it from the eyes of a new manager. Ok so here is the league table and the run with most recent results top.

Curious but as I say expected, this isn't a whine, form is part and parcel of football and part of it's beauty in a way. New manager though going to find it puzzling what's happened to my previously dominant team why are they struggling now?

So ok maybe he goes into help chat and gets told something about tactics, but it's not tactics is it really it's confidence has gone a bit. Yet this is what the game is telling him:-

It's a happy ship! So he might hit the help chat and he might whine on the forums and he might just leave.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Grand Strategy

Well I've been looking around and I've come the conclusion that my low risk strategy is as effective as it could be.

Finishing 10th ish brings home £1.4m and top is £2.2m so £800k, signing up two £100k players will cost £400k (including sign ons) and the rest of the £800k goes on wages.

Seems to me that's a high risk sod all reward step.

I've just to the conclusion that we'll run with what we have for the first few seasons. Keep them competitive buy the best we can but not chasing it.

Still pretty confident from season 4 it'll be a great game though.

Form Thoery Again

I've posted about this before, this is purely guesswork and my theory.
Basically form theory goes like this players as a result of their own ability and as a result of their teams overall ability have an idea of the team over or underachieving. As they get closer to underachieving they slowly become tighter and more focused until they force a result or just play better. The opposite happens to a team that is over achieving.

Ok mix this in with perhaps ambition, professionalism etc and you have a rough idea of how FM Live works on form.
Thats what I said a few months back. I'm not certain but the game pretty much ignores non official results now. I think, don't know that for certain.

Tactics don't matter!

Well yes and no:) I've always said this but in oddly bizarre twist if your really good at tactics then you'll get bad runs of form.

Think about it, say your team is the 100th best team in the GW and you get them to 50th the players will start becoming complacent. If your good at tactics you'll keep them there, maybe even push them onto 20th but eventually you overachieve so much the fall back is catastrophic.

So you might say the game is simply about players and tactics don't matter but that's not true. As your team achieves more their reputation goes up so their 'natural' position in the GW changes.

If your good at tactics or have a highly ambitious team then you'll bounce more, the trough will be lower each time and the height will be higher each time but tactics do matter. The side effect is that you get a bounce which is unfortunate as if your good at tactics it'll drive you nuts.

It's all theory this and SI are not going to give the game away but to test a theory you need a few examples.

Bottom line is still better players = longer runs of good form shorter runs of bad form, and better tactics = same but more pronounced.

Well that's my theory anyway.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Ohh GW Cup Final

Well I was quite shocked to find that in Voller we have super keepered our way to the final. In fairness he's a very good keeper and I had set them to counter attack by default so maybe the number of shots would go the way it did in the semi.

It was odd to get there with three of the back four out injured.

Whilst thats all very fine the bad run has come in Turkland, went down 1-0 to a 18 shots to 5 effort which sums it up. That's football though and if we play like that then rub of the green etc.

The opponent is a typical FML user, GW launches enjoys a good run wants to play logging on loads, a bad run hits and that's it he's done not logged on hardly now for the last seven days.

Tell ya FML is 50% being bloody minded!


Yikes I haven't bothered logging in much here and it shows, awful is the only word to describe it. Whilst on Voller I've had mixed success with value players and on Turkland been really jammy, Coppell it has been dreadful.

There is no soul to the team at all, very few good youths and one young DC that looks solid the rest dire. Going to have to take a long time on the backfoot in there. Going to be long seasons ahead to turn that around.

Loved T Bags take on youth, well worth a read, linkage in links.

In other thoughts I like the macro strategy of the game a lot maybe that's why I'd like to see faster worlds. Anyway played a lot in many worlds summary of their history mainly before I forget it.

Larsen - Premiership, Gold Cup Finals, Ronaldo, Albiol, Sami Nasri was the midfield.
Whiteside - Premiership with a W40 D4 L0 record
Shearer - Top end of Premiership, Silver Cup finals and wins, Gold Cup final.
StJohn - Went from bottom division to Premiership
Clough - Promoted from Div.4 and Div.5 in 3 seasons
Miller - Several 'Premier' wins regular Gold Cup entry

Odd mostly logged into Miller and Shearer and there was arguably the worst performance, weird.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Self Fufilling Prophecy

Logged onto Voller today looked at the youths played a few games not real surprises their a ragged bunch but potential is high so interesting to see how that pans out over the next few seasons.

Not much inclined to take wages beyond what they are, it's a low risk boring strategy but not much point pushing hard on the players that I could afford now.

Turkland two AI seniors games play them, we're still top by some way, very nice, youths are ok nothing to write home about but I'm not chasing youth success so as long as their fit it's fine.

That's it twenty minutes in both GW's and it's done.

There is talk of more comps but really whatever happens the pace of the game is slowed to that of the slowest casual user.

I mean the gameworld mechanics are great etc and the EFA will make things more exciting come season 4 but there is nothing more I can do to further either team currently.

Now you could argue I could play all my youth games but really it doesn't make a blind bit of difference to my teams development. To be honest even if I play all my remaining senior games I could turn the odd defeat to a draw or draw to a win but overall it's so dam slow.

So make a game for the casual user and casual users is what you'll get, self fulfilling prophecy.

I want a GW that runs one season a week, we'd be in season 4 already now!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Getting into and out of the Groove

We've kind of limped along this stage of the EFA but somehow have managed to luck our way to the top half when wham bam two centre backs and a right back out for five games.

These are proper players as well 29+ doh! I love it though managed to half get a side together and shuffled things around, ok we lost mostly but I learned about some of the youth players that came in.

Enjoyed the podcast that the guys at Gameworld One did and did one yesterday with Jordan which I enjoyed a lot, glad to see that back! Think it would be nice if perhaps we saw a GW type podcast next along the lines of the blogs that are appearing.

On the youth front pickings are slim but I've managed to at least get a squad of sorts at U17 level. The graduates I had in Voller were dire but in Turkland one of them looks like he could be a right goer.

Lots of unrest around that there isn't that much to do whilst these three seasons pass to get the GW sorted. I still think it's a massive mistake not to at least tier the EFA next season, keep the limitations on prize money but in my time playing FML managers love to be playing for something not grinding their way through the middle table type games.

I think eventually the EFA format will dominate and maybe SI will do a GW that runs one season a week.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Up and Down

Not going well in the latest EFA Qual league be lucky to get anywhere near mid table. I was a bit coy on picking up the Quarter Final GW Cup game the team we had to play had already gone quite big on wages and we went into it having lost two so knew the team would be up for it. An early goal and I just sat back, luckily my Goalie is my best player and he had a lot to do!

So whilst we're struggling in the league a semi final spot in the GW Cup isn't too bad. The Turkland team just seem to win and win so I think we're P18 W15 D3 L1 so even if we have a disaster should be safe for a nice lump of cash next season.

I think I'll move to the EFA in there next season there are so few games a season feels like it's going on and on and on:)

Not really sure what to do about looking for players, seems to me that the economy is going to stay pretty stable so there isn't the rush we had in old GW's to sign the players as quickly as you can.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Ze Economy in FM Live

Well I could write a novel about this and thought I'd comment again as it seems to be a hot topic on the forum these days.

I did do a FAQ on the wage system but a lot of managers are still clinging to the notion that it's a punishment for top teams. The other big misconception is that it stops the top teams breaking away, it doesn't really do that.

It stops top teams breaking away at a disproportionate rate IF there is high inflation. Make no mistake they'll be getting the rep, the prize money and the ability to build a stadium (tried to get stadium changes in but no luck).

I also read a lot of 'top teams will have higher wages' they will IF they auto extend. Too many are thinking of the old economy and placing values on players that won't wash in the new economy. The most successful managers will be the ones that don't auto extend and get market wage smack on all the time.

The main concern on the forums seems to be that there are going to be top teams and the argument goes that to prevent this happening then prize money should be cut back.

This won't work though if you give everyone less cash then cash increases in value, so in a bizarre twist you actually could increase the value of the prize money being offered.

I think my main worry though is the nature of the complaints, still most managers seem to be preoccupied with rank or being no.1.

Maybe SI haven't done enough to bring a focus onto the FA leagues, that's the game. So why be concerned with what the Gold Cup winner is doing if your in Division 4, your only concern should be Division 4.

You have the same cash as everyone in that Division and should you get promoted then you'll have enough cash and an economic environment to easily improve your team to compete at this new level.

Another Patch!

Whoop progress is quick by SI. Corners by the looks of the beta forums fixed. As I said on the forum it's a thin line between tactic or exploit and I think the rule has to be if it's possible in football then it's a tactic otherwise it's an exploit.

Could debate that for a long time but I watched the Champions Leagues games this week and even those players don't deliver corners like they do in FM Live.

Meanwhile in Voller we've made the 6th Round of the GW Cup, luck methinks and the Turkey team just seem to be on drugs. I did get dam lucky with the pool and the right winger I signed is proving to be quite the wonderkid cept he's 29:)

£3k a day and a 7.48 average come on that's not too shabby by anyone's standard, of course it'll all go pear shaped soon no doubt.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Doh I got the BF (bad form) it all starts innocently enough a nice opening goal, go counter attack no issues 3 chances to your opponents later and your 3-1 down.

You know now that you just as well not bother it's not going to be your day. Just hope you can pull out of it the next time, always best to leave it a day though:)

Had a few grads come though I didn't win the lottery but the look errm ok. Didn't realise they come though as 15 though so maybe their ok PA but shocking CA, I don't mind that actually sensible change be interesting to see how they work out.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Slight Injury Crisis in Voller

Went through a rough patch of injuries in Voller but managed to keep a semi meaningful side in most games. One DC was a casualty of it all he was absolutely a liability, pretty much strikers skipping past him like he wasn't there and was generally a passenger throughout.

I tried a 19 year old DC to cover and he did an ok job. I got a youth goalie nothing special, in the end but worth a short punt. Been scouting strikers for ages and mostly their 2.5 - 3 star and stats don't suggest that they'd be much special.

I've even tried trialling some but most are fatally flawed like snail like pace which remains a killer stat in FM.

Anyway first stage of the XFA over and quite pleased to have taken 6th, keep that going over the next two weeks and we should get the top tier come season 2.

Meanwhile in Turkylimaz (I'm going to call it Turkey from now on) the team seems completely rampant. Was an odd pool I had where all the youths seemed to have something to offer and the seniors were not half bad either.

It's not my mad skillz I know it's luck but nice to have a little run.

I enjoyed reading T Bags recent post aka blast and he's not wrong, I sometimes strongly agree with T Bag and sometimes strongly disagree but it's always a cracking read.

Other blog that has come up is Arnoldinho FM Live Blog which I'm sure is going to be a good read.

His latest post speculates on the economy and thought I'd do my predictions next post. Then everyone can laugh at how wrong I was.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Not a Lot to Do

Well things are going ok in Voller and pretty steady in Turkylimaz. Got a couple of good youths in Turkey 21 years old and some nice hidden stats by the looks of it.

I joined the OFA in Turkey as the Xtra Time FA was kind of pointless in this first season, well so I thought. Log in no games, Voller is ok as there are games landing every day but OFA zzzzz, as well as that few days and we go again in Voller so keeps the interest up.

What is interesting in Voller is having JP5 at least you can log in and shuffle the assessments round. It's bit of fun looking at a player and thinking I reckon 3 not been shocked so far, at least it's something to do, won't be so much fun when the academies suck them all up.

When a Plan comes togather

I covered the slight turnaround in Voller last post, don't get me wrong we're kind of one of the also rans in the league currently but are now comfortably mid table.

I wanted though to highlight what I did to get around this.

The offending player was this guy:-

I was playing left sided DC I'm not sure if it was being left or DC but he was awful only pulling a 6.67 average. He's not that bad so tried him as an attacking MC, great he starts to play well.

Problem then though is that I've only got a very average looking DC to slot in so I go shopping.

No bids, ok he's not John Terry and oddly also plays Right Back despite being left footed but heck who rejected him?

Very solid DC ok he's not great technically but heck he'll get stuck in and if he does make a mistake (rare as he's 29) he can cover with his pace. Worst case scenario he'd not have worked out and would have had to have played him as sub.

At 29 he's got three seasons, 29, 30 and 31 heck he won't be that bad at 32.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Voller A Bit Better

Results have turned slightly in Voller, I had a DC/DM who as a DC makes a good midfielder:)

Although I'm trying not to sign any more seniors and trying to make do I might have to do something rather than watch the horror show.

Still lacking a goalie and a striker for youths but still searching.

I've been working on the stadium guide (see link on right) although it's a bit ragged it might help some!

Normal Service Has Stopped

Well at least in Turkylimaz, five games played five games won. I put this down to two things form and some players with some dreamy hidden stats. Oh and an inspired signing on the right wing, a 29year old with pace and very high mentals, 19 Determination being the pick of the bunch.

I'm sure that run won't last forever but my aim is to finish middle somewhere.

Here is a little tip for you, something I've kind of coached myself into doing in Voller which is a world that is regen crazy with seemingly every youth getting bid on.

Your pretty much forced to buy blind as by the time you hit the 42 hours a player needs to get an early Judging potential he's long gone. I came to the conclusion quite early I just as well try utility players chucking cheap bids at them.

So if I get a left back who can play left wing and Dc with some fairly decent stats at least he'll be of some use even if it's just as a sub. Money being so tight the old tactics of hire and fire will see you left way behind.

In saying that I'm still a striker and goalie short in Voller for 11 youth players.

It seems that the community is starting to wise up as to how youth academies actually work. I think their pretty fine as they are but naturally if there are millions of them become very ineffective.

I'm not really sure what the 'community' thought they were asking for when they nagged for them. Pretty convinced managers were looking at their youth teams and thinking 'if only the wages were £200 aha youth academies will do that'. No they won't:)

Random Youth DOES NOT EQUAL Hand picked.