Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Frozen Synapse Download

I have read a lot about this indie game and it got released on Steam recently so I jumped in. Oh wow is it addictive and deep and well, what else, brilliant.

It is very easy to get into my first blast and two hours just seemed to disappear. I suppose I'm going to right back now but it does remind you of X Com series of game which were pretty decent for their time.

I think the devs of this game can do a lot more as well they have hit the jackpot with this I'm sure.

Here is a Frozen Synapse Tutorial, as you can see it is very simple but honestly well worth a blast!

Each match is immediate and places you into the tactical situation. There is no waiting around for the action.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Still Freelance Pay Per Click

Still working on a freelance basis on marketing namely PPC / SEO for Oak Furniture Land seemed to have made some progress as sales are up. Not suggesting that this is soley my doing, work very much as part of a team and of course their stores and the A1 website are a core component of the company's continued success.

No sign of the rolling contract ending but I'm not overly worried about getting more work should it end and besides really enjoy working with them. Would not mind staying in furniture when it does end though as it is a sector I have good knowledge of, we will see.

It has been a lot of work and will remain focused and aggressive two features that you need to do well at PPC.

Onto FM related news I'm still casually playing FM2011 maybe I should jump into the FM forums and give some feedback but suspect SI are sick of me! Had a few mini adventures with Swansea (Premier League) Southampton (same) and Telford United (League Two).

I'm actually enjoying playing with a mate where we both take over a club and then share our experiences of how we do. It would be nice if FM had a feature where we could upload our teams to a web server and then watch a game using our teams and tactics. Might be a fun addition.

Pretty convinced the next big move for FM is some sort of multi player feature, we all know FML was a disaster but it is where the future lies. Just look at what Popcap have done with Bejeweled on Facebook.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

We are Premier League, say We are Premier League

Swansea V Reading - What can you say epic day, epic game looked like we were going down a massive Reading comeback on 60 minutes but started to open them again and finally nailed it at 4-2.

Cannot quite beleieve Swansea are in the Premier League it is quite literally once in a lifetime moment.