Monday, 24 August 2009

Holiday Mumbles

I've a very limited connection at Sea, you buy time in blocks and I seem to eat through it very quickly. Quite relexing spending the day at the pool or beach or Venice (left there two days ago) having a fantastic five course meal and then a few hours to myself as the women go an watch some show.

With not much time left i thought I would update the blog.

The teams

Jakswans Beta - Doing pretty good another title in the ladder, got promoted stage before last as Champions then stayed up then won the Division One title. The stadium is all done here so it's just a case of maintaining the calibre of players. Just as well cut here to 1.3.

1.3 Notes
Match Engine - I haven't had time to spend with the match engine, the ball physics are lot different I did note some high scoring games and high scoring players I think this might be fixed now.
Multi Staged comps - I don't think are working properly, sadly not enough time to log in and fully check. They work but they don't record the result in your profile just the last team to have won things. Will have to try and check that and report as a bug if that is indeed what is happening.
AI Teams - They keep players fit, not sure if you can enter teams into custom comps or FA comps, do they count towards activity rating? Another thing I'll have to check.
No sign of anything else other than match plans which I just haven't bothered with.

Jakswans Shearer - Mmmm don't really know what's going on here but we're flying high in the top 10. Not getting carried away as Yussuf, Falcoa and Frey are potentially in their last season. Still it's a solid season so far hope to get back for the final run in, maybe we can win something.

Former StJohn team - I parked them up in a GW just see just how fast i can progress this time. Wages of £26k! My thinking here is that the first season rep seems locked to max 2 stars so it's pointless spending cash on big names.

I did get involved in another forum thread even Ov responded but he then seemed to back off. Basically a long term type of game would invlove a deeper pyramid of teams with incomes ranging from £1m - £20m a season but currentyl it's £6m - £12m.

Maybe I'm wrong on this and that is enough depth as it is and all will be made better with 'bigger and better competitions', although I've seen nothing concrete as to what this actually means.

This is slightly controversial and why I post here and not on the forums.... being a top ranked team as things stand is very easy on the eye, you rarely have to play a top ranked team yourself and I'm pretty sure the reason for the demise of lower ranked teams is their record of LLLLLWLLLLL.

The top ranked teams have records of WWWWLWWWW, the earn this record at the expense of weaker teams. If we saw ladders or the end to FA hopping nonsense then these records would be more realistic. The thing is the top teams don't really like it, the FA's are set up by orgs who in the main come from higher ranked teams so the status quo remains.

OK back to the holiday:)

Thursday, 20 August 2009

About Turn

I thought I'd log in for the end of the Bozzy auctions just as well. I did go for a MC I forget his name, but £3m was my limit and he got bid over that. My second choice was always going to be the left back, and a last minute bid secured his signature £2.3 was a lot though, still it annoyed Immi who was really after him:) I suppose though if he plays for ten seasons that is only £230k a season.

This was no youth who may or may not have what it takes either:-

I've a bit of a dilema now what to do next season. Frey is getting on at 36 will Clement my young goalie make the cut I'm not sure, Falcoa is 32 do I give him another season, it's tricky as M'Villa is looking the business when he comes on. I've a youth that is really impressing but he'll be only 20 next season and I need at least one DC with Yussuff being 34.

Overall though we hit 3rd in the rankings and the Left Back is now £1.1 Aq fee, and he's just a standard left back!

Whilst sailing round the med I've very limited access but have kept an eye on the forums.

Once more the theme is new GW's and old GW's and what exactly the gameplan is. A vague 'Bigger and better competitions', AI teams and good ideas but nothing conctete really doesn't do it for me.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Woah Mobile Broadband

Our MD has loaned me his mobile broadband, sadly that isn't going to work in the middle of the Bay of Biscay still be able to keep in touch with teams misfortunes whilst away :)

Back on FM Live for a mo I did intend to bid for a few of Bozzy's players but they've already gone way past the value stage:)

I do need to sign some players but it's pointless paying over the odds. Maybe inflation has gone bonkers again as we're seeing nearly £2m for a £680k DC, I know he's young at 24 but his record is sort of ok. I'm judging this against a 30yo with the same sort of ability costing £200k, I could buy 10 of him!

Well away for two weeks and £5m projected so I'll leave it there see how the land lies when I come back.

Bye then!

Well for the next two weeks I'm off around the med, I'll try and get in front of the webcam, which can be found here and wave :)

I literally skipped into work today totally demob happy, everyone glared at me and muttered something under their breath.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Old Players Sign of things to come

It was a little odd but I have in Beta Nigel Reo Coker, World Famous DM 33 yo he hasn't done that well this season and I have a message saying he's past his best and best let him go. Wow that's early!

I did see some patch notes which explained that players would decline faster, it seems to me that this is happening in beta. In saying that I've a winger at 33 who's doing a grand job, Jonas and he's 33.

From what I've seen in beta over the last two seasons 33/34 year olds go on as normal and then seem to hit a wall of decline and it's goodnight.

I suppose it's fair enough 33 is quite old.

Going to be busy in Shearer as Bozzy, went all youth and knew what he was doing has put his entire team up for grabs £1 auction. The Auctions are awash with Triple A players, 23yo and World Famous / Household names.

Luckily I have around £55k wage budget left and a few bob in the bank. Will have to see how it plays I'm not wasting cash but there are some big names. Still a day later and I'm off on holiday so maybe not.

Had a lucky escape actually as I put £3m on the table for a MC this close season, was a part ex deal though but the cash would be gone.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hotshots Leave StJohn!

Looking at the team they just look jaded, we managed to get firmly in the top 100 had few very entertaining seasons (five in total) but it's time to move on.

I could just have waited some more as the stadium was just about to be paid off but it would have gone like this:-

Casual Premier League, 15th, 10th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th.

Maybe I could have done it faster but the reality is we'd be battling for £50k a season prize money.

Maybe it's my fault I sure did the stadium wrong. Did a forum post the other day:-

If I were starting again I'd go like this.

Season One: OnexOne Tier Aziendale Type 1 with Exclusiv / De Lusso
Season Two: TwoxTwo Tier Aziendale Type 2
Season Three / Four: OnexTwo Tier Ospitalia Type 2

If you fill that with Exculsiv Corp Boxes and mid range seats Disagio (or Discos as I call them) you should have a stadium that you can fill easily at 3.1/2 star and generate around £200k a day. At 4star it will do around £220k.

Much later you can build a Three Tier Mercantile on the One Tier Spot but only do that when your really well established.


The Aziendale comes with Ad Boards this always generates income.
The One Tier Type 1 has a very small provision for a corp box (exclusiv holds 80) and even low rep you can get 80 corp fans.
The Two Tiers takes around 10 days to build and boxes 10 days, Three Tiers are 20days each so 40 days before you see some return.
If you go for a Three Tier and put a corp box in it's a killer £4m, you can time it much better with the two tiers.

Total Cost around £16m pay it over 56 days time it right so every seat is filled once built and rep on the rise should only cost you £8m.

The Three Tier I built in StJohn really froze the team in Season 4, not having any youths come through meant I was forced to bargain hunt replacing players that were getting on a bit.

It's great world though really enjoyed the ride, TBag & Co are a good crack and the mods keep on top of things.

Monday, 10 August 2009

FM Live = Fail?

I just can't stop going on about this, hehe. I'm just so convinced I'm right and I'm pretty certain that FM Live is actually going to fail. Some time back someone commented on my pyramid, rags to riches, theory and they said 'no one wants to play lower league manager'.

I'd agree actually with that statement. I think FM08 managers play as follows:

1) Galacticos - One of the big clubs winning lots of things
2) Rags to riches - Taking a team from the bottom to the top, it's not easy but still popular
3) Simulation - Managing a team without actually getting glory every season, be it low league or even Premiership/Championship sides chugging away mid table.

I'd guess that maybe as much as 60% play Galactiocos, 25% Rags to riches and then finally Simulation. So it's a good point call it lower league manager or simulation it amounts to the same thing.

So I think what SI has tried to do is deliver a Galacticos experience, in terms of football everyone is as big as Fulham and if you spend cash on the stadium Tottenham. Very admirable

Cool, the reality though is for the vast majority the don't get a Man Utd experience they get a Fulham one.

So in effect the game is designed to appeal to the Simulation crowd, that's not the right word more an accident of the design. That is why I think the game will fail.

I do hope I'm wrong.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Teams

Beta - Some serious teams in the NFA in Beta now, (which is fast becoming the most active world, 486 last seven days) and just getting to Division One of the ladder is an achievement in itself, how long you can stay there is a right battle. Overall the squad is pretty strong if a little old. After our relegation last stage of Season 7 we're in the running for a return to Division One, it's going to be tight though.

StJohn - Very uninspiring thus far we've ground out a few wins but overall the side looks ragged. I think it's a question of time before we see some form and fiddling makes so little difference. I think if I played every game I could maybe manage a top12 finish if I don't log in I think we'll finish 15th, the prize money for those two spots would mean I would earn an extra £12k. Ohhhhhh wow. Still thankfully the very kind design of the game for Casual users means you don't actually need to log in and soon even less need to log in (Match Plans). Fair enough I suppose but I do think why am I paying money for this again?

Shearer - I've let a good few players go and hacked together a cheapie couple of youth squads. Their competitive at youth level but not exactly jaw dropping. Make a big signing in the form of Morgan Schneiderlin, cost £1.2million at 28 just the job, although Naldo and a few others left. We're firmly in the top 50 and are coming of the back of a great season, 2nd AEFA Premiership and Silver Cup. I'm not expecting a repeat performance but hopefully top half of the Premier League would be fine. I did want to move to CFA but was told I'd be Div1 and there are tiers and lots of prize money for youth, overall I didn't want empty WWWWWWW I'd much prefer a LLWLWLWW record against better teams.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

FM Live 1.3 The Blogs and all that

First off Jordan and Millie have a new Podcast on Gameworld One, it's now episode 28!

I haven't yet listened to it but will be after I type this, kind of be interesting to see their thoughts.

Let me just start by saying there is something left unsaid about this game and the match engine / database. Every player is different, talk to Managers in GW's about their players and they'll give you chapter and verse about what they can and cannot do.

To have a database like this and a Match Engine (although not perfect) is pretty dam fine achievement if you ask me.

So lets hit 1.3, the blogs that were posted recently and the main new features coming.

AI Teams
What exactly SI end up doing with these I don't know, when I first heard about them I thought they'd be just awful but oddly add one heck of a lot. I think the main thing I've noticed is that managers do chat about them e.g. 'they were tough to beat', in a weird way the actually bring the Gameworld together.
I'd suggest at least having a record on the AI teams profile page along the lines of biggest defeat to and date. For now their great to just try and pitch where say your U19 team is and keeping players fit.

Wow so not convinced, this is an effort by SI to give hardcore managers something to do, but these tokens can't be used to improve your team. One of the big downers that the game has is that progression is very much time related, so if you take my StJohn team as an example with no trading or DYM comps I'm left waiting for four months to progress. There isn't a whole lot I can do to accelerate that other than just wait.

I'm not being negative about it, heck I've enjoyed my time in Division One, the Championship and the struggle for survival in the Premiership, how I would love to do something to maybe change four month's to three or two.

It has to be like this as otherwise casual managers would get left behind. Also this progression is very narrow, crudely as a new team within a season your going to end up an income of £5m and the end game gives you £11m.

In footballing terms thats like..... well here are the 2007 figures:-
1 Real Madrid - £192.7million
2 Barcelona - £171million
3 Juventus - £165.8million
4 Manchester United - £160million
5 Milan - £157.5million
6 Chelsea - £145.8million
7 Internazionale - £136.3million
8 Bayern Munich - £135million
9 Arsenal - £126.9million
10 Liverpool - £116.1million

So in FM Live you start as Liverpool and can be as big as Real Madrid :) Actually thinking about it it's more like Totenham to Fulham.

So there isn't really that much progression anyway, so with Gameworlds being so flat catering for the casual manager is vital.

Wow that was a long ramble to get to a point but had to identify the problem. Tokens then are a way of trying to keep the hardcore manager happy. They are by definition though pretty meaningless, so I'm not sure their ever going to be that desirable anyway.

Mmmm I seem to be waffling, basic point AI Teams, good, Tokens, not so much.

There getting late now so will write so more tomorrow.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Update - Winners and Losers

There is no shame in it but we'd managed to survive in the NFA 1st Division longer than anyone else and one guy has Ronaldo etc in his team, but sadly after a long run the Jakswans went down from Division One in the NFA in beta. It wasn't all doom and gloom in beta as we managed to win the first stage of Division One.

I must be a bit twisted but I really enjoyed the fight against relegation a real six pointer against Theatre ended in a 1-1, not quite good enough but really enjoyed it all the same. I really enjoy this system every 5 days the drama is on as you fight either to stay up / go up or win something.

I must remember to do a rant about 30 year old players soon.

On a more upbeat note the StJohn team managed to escape relegation on goal difference, high drama all round but did just enough in the end. Armed with a fair bucket of cash I've gone and used the entire overdraft to pull the team together for next season and I'm hopeful we won't be involved in another relegation battle.

We've had some good times in Shearer and were fairly dominant in the SFA at youth level during seasons 1-4, this season the NFA disbanded so I was faced with a move to AEFA, but as NFA had ended got permission to join to the Premier League. I never felt we were really in the running and I've been fairly busy so didn't log in too much but 2nd spot and really the only team to make serious challenge to the eventual winners.

In saying that the season ended on a massive high with the teams first major senior honour, namely the Silver Cup. I'm in a quandary as to what to do next season, basically I'll be away for two weeks of a three week season so I'm thinking of doing youth on a bigger scale.

We'll struggle at senior level but at least we should be able to bounce back quite quickly.