Friday, 29 October 2010

FML Concepts

I've added a page outlining exactly what I would do as of now to fix FML. When I say fix lets say broaden it's appeal.

FML Game Concept

It won't happen but at least it's out there. I'm becoming more and more convinced that SI need a popcap type of personality to get this game where it needs to be.

Plants V's Zombies has pretty average graphics is very silly but it is a great game.

End of An Era

Well that's it then, two subs have expired and whilst I'm not leaving the game as I'll be beta testing as long as SI want me about it still seems odd to not have a paid subscription.

Although due to *gasp* a bug the accounts remain active, sigh.

It does seem that it's moved away from casual friendly recently and this does tempt me back but it's not quite enough. If Internationals come back I'd defo go back to paying.

In all honesty I do feel like I'm getting half a game for free as Coppell is very close to retail in many ways. However I did feel like I was paying for half a game for the last year or more so I guess it all evens out in the end :)

I think truthfully that they should only allow beta testers in if they have a paid for sub as clearly there are some in beta that are just there to play.

One thing I can't be accused of is not giving feedback, they might not like the feedback but they get it just the same :)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

1.65 Changes

1.65 From a long way

I've a very limited connection on board this ship Oasis of the Seas (biggest cruise ship in the world) but I've been reading the forums and 1.65 sounds like a complete and utter disaster.

In Coppell we had it for a week or so prior to it going live and I did have some questions about the new signing on fee thing. Didn’t really have chance to give feedback.

If you thought 1.65 was bad wait till you see what their planning for 1.7, a few beta testers have already given feedback along the lines of 'omg this is bad'.

If you look back at previous reactions to patches if there is a mild resentment to it at beta level the ones paying for the game will go ballistic.

Morale Changes - I welcome this if it's more transparent seems a bug has crept in where extreme morale is experienced very easily.
Team Talks - These either have a massive impact on performance or make so little difference you just as well not use them.
Sign On Fee - It's easier to understand, say what? Easier to understand.... baffled, I can't honestly see what was wrong with Aq Fee really although big lumps of cash leaving the GW is welcome. So I'm neutral on this one although just changing the name of Aq Fee would have been easier.
Wage Demands - Totally agree with this.
New ME - Not around to test but it can't be a disaster for everyone.

All things together seems logical that the old teams based on super youths would suffer adversely in this patch. Then would then get bad morale so experience a double whammy.

These same teams would have lower than average rep which would correct itself quickly and it's another downer for them as wage demands rise quickly.

So I'm not really surprised at all the negativity personally my main gripe is with the sign on fee change. Mainly because it involves trying to code something that tries to second guess the market value of a player.

It's not a deal breaker though, none of the things are, and with rising wage demands a mass of cash will leave the GW.

For my money had the left Aq fee unchanged, taken PA/CA out of the equation and just relied on rep, the market would have corrected itself with rising wage demands.

Now what I suspect will happen is that SI might have overdone it so then try to undue it find they've gone too far and constantly end up adjusting things in an effort to control the economy.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Plants v Zombies

Only just got this what a game no wonder it's won so many awards. Come on Popcap! Android needs it, why the heck are you supporting the silly iPhone it's old news.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Nice things

So I promised to say a few nice things about SI in the interests of balance and to try and stop being a grumpy old fart, so here goes.

Their still batting, the reset was a knock-back and the game could have gone but SI do have a hunger to get it right they could have thrown in the towel so credit where credit is due.

The do engage with the community and if you come up with constructive criticism they will often respond directly to the concern.

The database remains the best and combined with the ME the game can still capture something of the essence of football.

FML if your new to it there is a lot to learn so £5 isn't too shabby if you put a good ten hours a week in.

They will admit their mistakes and hold their hands up.

So see it's not all bad, I suppose on balance I'm overly critical but your not going to get something done by saying well done over and over.

Nice to Tom going strong on his Soapbox Blog was disappointed that he said he'd had enough.

From Tuesday I'm off for three weeks, when I travel sometimes I post even more as chilling out by the pool typing something is a type of chilled out reflection I find oddly relaxing.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I'm a Grumpy old Fart

I do wonder if I'm too critical of Si sometimes it is exactly like following them like you would a football team, I desperately want them to make FML a success.

It seems these days my default position is moaning but if you think something is wrong then what else am I to do other then call it like I see it.

Read about a proposed change in Beta which I can't fully talk about and found myself criticising it, not so much the change but the need for change, mmm rambling.

Anyway seeking balance I'm going going to write something nice about SI and FML next update.

Once I've recovered from a trip to Ireland and the Google European Headquarters, in which it emerged that Google should be causing Microsoft to start filling their pants.

Will blog about that on Android Phone blogs, even recorded one presentation it was so scary. I think what makes it more scary is that Google don't talk aggressive it's only when you listen properly to what their saying and see how dominant they will become.

Friday, 1 October 2010

FIFA11 & New Podcast

Although I've admired FIFA's improvements since 09 I have haven't really played it as the PC version was using an outdated 3d engine.

With FIFA11 though the PC version has now caught up and I know this is cheesy but omg I'm having some fun.

The 'Be a Pro' mod I've created a FML like wonderkid with bags of pace and play as a striker.

It can be a bit repetitive but I spend the game (if picked) looking for space and then looking for the ball over the top. In the Championship this season I've begged 26 goals in 30 games.

On getting into the Premiership (turned down offers from Villareal and a few others) it feels tougher but still good fun.

We have done a new podcast which should be out soon.