Monday, 29 October 2012

FM2013 Pre Release Media

Recently have been really enjoying TF2 and MVM but like every year I try to stay tuned to Football Related games and in particular Football Manager.

For me the Classic mode in 2013 is a big pull, I like the idea of FM but over the last few years it feels like I'm playing spreadsheets since the pace of the game is so slow. From what I have read about classic mode the pace is changed so that you should be able to get through a season in five hours so tempting...

Downloading the FM2013 demo as I write. I still think the last big thing left is multi-player but after SI got their fingers burnt with FML I think the wounds need to heal before they revisit this.

I still can't understand why they can't do perpetual games that run at a predetermined speeds, 1 season a week / month / bi-monthly. You join a game with no reputation, you can join any club (not managed by another) but if you have no rep you'll get sacked should you not perform.

So lets say you join a game in season 6 and decide you fancy being manager of Liverpool you draw with Everton and the fans would be screaming for your head. However if you have a reputation the same thing happens and they would cut you some slack.

I concede there are lots of issues to overcome but it could be made to work and by charging micro-payments to play (like Valve do with TF2) and the future of the game is very rosy indeed!