Sunday, 20 March 2011

Been A While

I'm still around but not in a gaming sense currently. I did buy FM2010 (downloaded Football Manager 2011 via Steam) and had a brief blast on that.

I had a few seasons with Sheffield Wednesday taking them to the top ten in Premier League over five seasons and then with AFC Telford taking them to League Two before kind of just getting a bit bored of it. Still many hours enjoyment from what remains a great franchise.

On a slightly separate note if I can buy a game from Steam it remains my favourite choice. I have lost count of how many games I have bought and lost the discs for, all you need with Steam is a log in and your entire back catalogue is there.

Still occasionally log in to FML but the Beta seems to have gone very flat lately not much going on at all. Feels like they are just going through the motions but that may just be me.

Swans are still in the hunt! I never thought I would see them return to the top flight and just be dreaming of that is a very nice surprise.

Meanwhile my many websites continue to do quite well I thought I'd break from furniture and go more geek with Computer Repair Stores. I used to own a shop like that, tough to make a decent living out of it though. Currently still freelancing in Web Marketing and SEO. We came up with quite a good name I think OMG Web Marketing, I commit blasphemy every time I say it, awesome!