Monday, 29 March 2010

Season Start, Season Fail

Massive lag being the order of the day did manage to play one game and my normal standard of service is erm normal, we lost:)

Voller lost, popped into Valderama and we lost there, popped into Coppell and oops lost a lot. I'm good at this game:) Still will enjoy once we get relegated to a level where everyone is equally as bad.

To be honest it wasn't that bad the teams keen to play are the ones winning and we didn't lose that badly. Well apart from Coppell but I was going to park that account up for a bit so mostly a team of youths.

Hey but we are consistent are consistency is good right?

Anyway some interesting youths and one in Voller I took a gamble on is looking like a 4star with some very nice basic stats. Could be a future icon for the team.

Gameworld One stop faffing about and do a chuffing podcast!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Regen Cheat

I've only just noticed this but a comment was left with a link (since removed) on how to find regens in a real player database.

I thought it might have been an old wifes tale as I'd heard rumours of this sort of thing before. Well SI have confirmed it wasn't.

Few things come to mind, first a tactic, cheat or an exploit? At best it was an exploit being an old fart with a fair degree of cynicism it's too be expected that managers will take advantage of exploits.

How their regarded in the community by fellow managers is another thing. I can honestly say it's not for me and when this all comes out in the open maybe it'll be interesting to see who was taking advantage of this exploit / cheat. Teams filled with a certain type of young player should make it obvious.

The other thing is that I heard this rumour before not the details of it but 'there was a way of sporting high PA regens without Judging Potential.' What worries me is the rumours source now that's got me in a real dilemma, if the source is correct it's a big worry for the game....

Cloak and dagger today, anyway soon fixed and apparently doesn't apply to regen worlds anyway.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Weird Turkylimaz Experiance

As I'm going to be in this one for a while I thought I'd try to settle on a team.

Filtered out the seniors I didn't want then it's time to focus on youths, very odd in Voller 50% of the youths were an obvious no literally they had nothing going for them. Judging potential just allowed me to confirm what I already thought.

In this GW however I'm looking at them and you could make a case to keep them all! I put a squad together against an AI team ok so it's level 2 team. 6 -0, SIX NIL!

Ohh well can't really argue with that lets roll the dice with this lot.

Jakswans Voller D Day

I've not so far bothered logging into Voller much basically as I'm waiting for the early Judging Potential reports.

Skills wise I went for Scouting and finance and managed to scrape in Coaching 4. Although the coaching 4 cost a lot it opens up a sub set of skills to have respectable coaching.

With JP5 I can get an early report in 2 days so basically drafted everyone who was 22 and under into the squad with a view to cutting them once I get the early report.

So playing a game isn't much point as 60% of the current squad will be gone.

There are two other teams (there are more but subs cancelled and end in June) the beta team is now in Coppell and sadly have lost skills so due to time limitations. I've decided to park them up. So super casual there low wage squad chugging away.

Gutted the team I'm stuck with is in Turkyilmaz and I wanted to focus on is Valderama but I'm not paying out any more so don't know what to do with these.

Enjoy whilst they last I guess.

Anyway onto the squad itself, my 'best player' a £65k Aq Fee 20 year was great physically, average mentally and could barely kick a ball. Early JP reported 3.5 PA, youth games he was doing 6.5.

Clearly by the time he would be 26 he'd be great but leave someone else pay his £2.5k wage.

Did actually keep the other star a High Profile Goalie, he's pretty mature but has 4 seasons in him and it was the position covered for a while.

After that I started going through the youth players and dumped almost all. The seniors I got in are not great, but it's the same as everyone else. Compared to the youths at least they can kick a ball.

Overall expect to be nothing special but enjoy the game all the same as long as I'm playing teams my own level we'll enjoy the adventure. Which should happen as the FA rules have now changed, yeah, only took 18 monthes!

Might not go the youth route though as wages of £4k (yes already) are a bit rich in this new economy.

Since then I've picked up a nice looking DC and think for seniors will settle for what I've got.

Have built a YA despite there already being millions built in the GW, Libya (badge looked nice) and the smallest one. Hardly a massive footballing nation but it's a lottery whichever way you go. Started hunting for youths and some scary wages already but that's to be expected with so many managers.

As I've always said right player wrong price = wrong player. So might be looking for youths for some time.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Skill Issues & Money Shortage

Well the two big bugs, are the skills issue and the lack of money if you confirm early. The money one I would imagine is easy to fix, the skills one I'm not so sure.

I seem to have too many in one GW and too few in another but I've no idea what they should be as I didn't think it would be broken.

Lessen learnt? This lesson should have been learned a long time ago by SI now is to try and mirror EXACTLY in beta what is in Live. So what they should have done is reset the two beta worlds. Then you have long term managers with the same amount of skills totally focused on the game being right as their playing the game properly.

I had a few thousand skills moving in the Horton beta moves and whilst I did log in to test naturally it's just not the same as playing long term.

Does the returning stars feature work in a Gameworld that's three seasons old, does it work in regen and real GW's, does the draft work in a Gameworld three seasons old, is it balanced, does progression work out in a regen world, how does the new database play out.

No idea and the two long term beta worlds are either not using the same database or behind retail.

Anyway almost end of moaning, we're back in the room and although there were a couple of issues I think overall it's quite an accomplishment for SI to get this far this quickly.

Gutted Nick's not in Voller but we're both in Valderama, although my account there has been cancelled, ends July.

It's going to be a long few months as the Gameworlds wind up and I think it's going to be tough as a lot of managers will leave. I'm still very confident the game is in good shape but these first few months will be a real test as managers leave or start screaming for new GW's.

We get through this and it's going to turn out fine.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Happy Days

So here we are eve of reset and lets try to be upbeat!

The game mechanics are done we've got a nice clear set up for the FA's that offer a decent game for a wide range of styles.

I'm not a fan of Youth Academies but with the limitations on SI they've done a superb job with them.

Returning Stars it's not for me but lots of managers wanted real players and this works for them.

Si will have learnt from past mistakes and not be opening GW's willy nilly and will be super cute in handling this CRUCIAL area of the game from now on.

Ok so things are a little slow if you play a bit but you can fill the time with youth or just mess about with CPU clubs.

If ever the GW's are going to stay active it's now with only a certain type of manager left, i.e enjoys the game. So a few will leave but that's life.

I've been so involved in many aspects of the conceptual stuff in beta I feel almost burnt out. I'm just a humble beta tester so do feel for the SI guys.

Fought very hard for some changes lost most of them but I played my part in getting some things in.

The new wage system I have no doubt will be the subject of rage as some managers to get to the top and then fail to stay there.

I think my main worry is one of manager expectations many of the current user base are previously top ranking managers and clearly getting anywhere near the top now is going to be very difficult.

I'm expecting to be ranked 500th odd and just chug away in the lower divisions. I'll be happy doing that as long as the GW's last!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Three Season Qualifiying

Three Season Qualifiying

This is my understanding of how it'll work. Max rep phased in over the three seasons.

Season One: Random Qualifiers
Season Two: Two Tiers based on previous season So Div.1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 2a, 2b
Season Three: Three Tiers 1a, 1b through to 3a, 3c

I tried quite a few times to get this changed as I felt that having teams chase a Division 6 title was more fun for teams lower down the early pecking order. The teams at the very bottom have three seasons of middle if the table to look forward to at best.

Just made the game a little more exciting for teams lower down.

I failed to get this changed though. In saying that I think the phased tiers could work out well even if it is at the expense of some lower teams having a brief moment of glory.

Still somewhat puzzeled by the sentiment that it's unfair to do it earlier as teams could become trapped lower than they should be. So a team that really is amongst the elite of the gameworld could be in say Div.4 and not Div.1.

I think a) that's very unlikely after 80 odd games and b) not that much of an isse with the reputation being phased in.

Still I tired and as I say it's not that big an issue.

Hopefully the launch will go to schedule and we're back in play tomorrow. I'm expecting lots of rage as a result of the pools though, LOTS. I'd give it a week or so before we see 'New GW please SI' :(

Speculating The Youth Approach

Posting this really so I can look back and see how it will all work out.

Ok so the dangers of going youth is that you take your eye of the ball and pump too much money into youth.

So you start chasing youth trophies, which is fun don't get me wrong but in the new GW's you'll be poor if you do this exclusively.

Youth academies are a lottery how effective they are depends on how many buy a lottery ticket. Is it worth buying a lottery ticket?

That is a dilemma and I don't really know the answer, cash is worth a lot in the new economy and chucking as much as £1k a day to get one youth per season...

Lets do the math there, to sign a youth now it's 20x wage sign on so £20k a pop assuming you get for base wage. Or you can get a youth academy which will cost roughly pro rata £28k.

It comes back to the same thing random or hand picked.

There is another gamble in days gone by GW's suffered massive inflation will that happen again? If it doesn't you going to look dam silly chucking £40k a day at a youth team.

Also if you do manage to sign the new Messi you won't be locking him on £30k wage forever.

Maybe one account for lean (super casual) and one youth.

With that in mind then I will possibly get one YA you can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket, but it'll be a small one.

There is another aspect of youth which will make this approach even more potent in the new GW's, no Ronadlo's or Messi's for the first three seasons. So a 19yo with a CA of 90 might not be so bad as you'd think.

So next looking at skills and the types of player, unless we get a delay in launch might be able to look at a few practical examples.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Paths to Football Glory

I thought I'd speculate on how many ways to the top (ish) of a GW. Now with the new pool system then luck is going to play a factor.

1) Lean
2) Youth
3) Gun It

So the first approach means you keep things lean for a few seasons. Low wage players and hopefully a few will kick on. Waste no money on youth or academies just get a tight first team and the lowest wage and try to grind out some results.

As the seasons pass by in a great position to build a solid stadium (sadly you lack options on this until rep 12+) but at least you'll have the cash there to do it.

+ It's safe not many traps to fll into

- It's boring

No doubt going to be a popular approach. Previously managers would put a large slice of their resoruces into this and either try to profit from youth by selling or just build the team from youth.

I think it's possible to go this route especially if you mix in a few mature players and keep it tight. It's very easy to throw it all at youth just to win at youth and lose sight of the goal.

+ Something to do in looking for the right youth players all the time

- You can get trapped just looking for youth and spend to much on them crippling you for the future
- It's long haul
- Very competative popular approach

Gun It
You could go all out spend the lot on players early and gamble on climbing fast to fund the players. High risk strategy but could work out well.

+ High Drama

- You could be a spectacular failure

So what will I choose? I did have a few accounts on the go but will be down to two come reset. The reason I had so many is the game was so casual friendly you just as well play casual.

Not really going to pay that much cash for the game from here on in so limited options mean I'll be looking to occupy my time. As a result youth is the way to go, I'm going to think out loud next update on how I plan to do this.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Shearer History

As I went back to Shearer (not bothered with a team) I thought I'd update the Shearer GW Blog with a little history.

It's a bit time consuming but hopefully should be able to finish it. Sad to think these old GW's will be gone in a few days.

Shearer was a great GW with some top characters even if I had issues with the way it was org'd. Going to be a bit mental when you think all of them mixed in with Clough, Cantona etc.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

No Moaning Today

Well not much to comment on FM Live currently but reset is fast approaching. So thinking out loud.

What approach to take I don't think I'll do youth this time but will probably just trundle along for the first few seasons saving cash. It's going to be odd with so little cash as when you get some it'll be worth a lot. The thing is with youth is does give something to do even if it is not actually worth doing.

Stadium is going to be important not as important but still your going to need one. In saying that it won't be an easy ride to the reputation levels to actually be worthwhile so the team has to come first.

I'm not sure what GW I'll be in and there is a chance I won't even be in the same GW as Nick Megs which will feel more than a little odd.

We did start the SFA in Shearer blog a while back but didn't keep it going would like to do that again in saying that no orgs until something like season 3 so maybe not.

In other news I've stopped hunting for the perfect betting system it's fun looking but I'll be dammed if I can find one. I was looking along the lines laying (betting against) the draw and trading out when a goal went in, but it starts to get very complicated looking for a counter bet to cover the 0-0.

In betfair you can trade out, so plenty of opportunity to get out. I'm still breaking even on it but I'll pick it up again for the world Cup. Spain I reckon, who are currently going for 5.4 on betfair and I didn't look first!

Gah that's daft England are third favourites at 7.2 and Argentina 11.5, something not right there methinks.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Is FM Live still doomed?

Well here we are relaunch date announced loads of work done on the mechanics of the game to try and learn from past mistakes.

Just to recap:-

Attended the council, was impressed very talented bunch at SI / Sega and seemed determined to get it right. Lots of ideas floated and naturally at this time I heard how grim things were and secondly that the reset was a definite.

The announcement of the reset I was expecting more meat on the bones and got the impression that SI were looking to 'flatten' the GW's.

Flatten in that no great teams or dire teams, the council were suggesting that the opposite be done.

Turns out that wasn't the plan, although in returning stars GW I think this will happen anyway. See previous post.

So FM Live still doomed?

I'm expecting a lot of managers will leave early on. They'll cite loads of excuses but honestly they'll go for the age old reason, they can't win / progress.

The target market is FM10 and a lot of them play as Man Utd so when their not Man Utd their off. The other big demographic is the rags to riches bunch and a proportion of them will stick around, the games biggest appeal is still to the LLM or Simulation type manager.

A few will stay hopefully Si still have appetite for the game and the FM10 free offer will be rolled into the existing GW's.

Here is the critical time. If Si are cute with new GW's (taking the top from one GW and getting them to move into new GW's) then everyone can progress a little.

The heavy user or hardcore as they seem to be called will be a little frustrated with the pace of the game. The casual s it depends how many there are at the start.

I just can't see that many that many will be bothered paying £50 a year for a game they play casual. I can't see that same person wanting to play it competative. I could be wrong of course although I do work in marketing it's still a hunch.

If I was working on this I'd look for data to support or disprove that position.

So conclusion from my time in the beta GW's Horton and Miller, there is a little more to do in an older GW and if your good enough you can progress.

I don't think FM Live is doomed. The capital investment in terms of hardware and coding has already been made and if it can break even in terms of maintenance then the game will plod along at least. It'll probably do that off the back of free vouchers in FM10.

Overall FM Live is a better game now the downside it moves slow, it's pace is slowed to that of the most casual manager. It has a slightly broader appeal but at the same time might alienate the heavier user. It always was a careful balance.

Think I'll do a FAQ on Youth Academies and the new wage system next.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Returning Stars A flawed concept?

I might have a hint of snobbery about this as I thought it was a novelty concept and real player GW's would eventually die.

To my mind they represent a boost to new teams and whilst many forum members will go hurrah, those same forum members thought Youth Academies were a good idea:p

The issue with a boost for new teams is that it has the effect of making the gameworld flatter. So you join an old GW get Rooney get paid £4m for him and now your £4m richer.

Sounds fair? Well imagine your the schmuck in the middle of the GW struggling away and a new team gets a gift of £4m. Maybe your new to the game, made mistakes whatever, but now this new team is leaving you in the dust. Pretty demoralising as your now left stuck forever in the middle unable to progress with new teams washing over you season after season.

Still what other way was there to keep real players coming back and there was clear demand for that.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Stupid Football

I remember now why I left bet-fair football is so random. From a light dabble on the Arsenal game (see previous screen-shot) then to the big two Spanish games at night.

Well you just as well roll a dice, Barca conceding 2 I just couldn't see that happening then Real Madrid do the same!

I do enjoy Spanish football though, so highly charged, lots of drama and skill.

Just scouting now for some value bets was tempted by Villa at 1.8 away at Reading. As ever there is no value on Chelsea at 1.3 home to Stoke.

Maybe lets fire up FML.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

New Skills System & Youth Academies

Now I can't say what's in beta but I'm getting an idea of my guess was right! Just to remind you:-

We'll see if i was any good at predicting eh:)

I've said youth academies were a bad idea and I think a lot of managers were surprised, I'm going to predict June for the threads starting for them to be removed. I'm going to predict May for the complaints to erupt on the main forum.

Not been playing much FM Live recently back trying to find my betting system, whenever I do this I'm reminded just how random football is! Here is the prices with Arsenal leading 1-0 at home:-

Screen-shot is taken as the market is suspended as Burnley equalise.