Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nothing to See here Move Along

If you check last post then you will see even the legend Martin White feels that FML is a bit flat these days. I'm not playing hardly at all now which is really sad and I log on to beta forums and see nothing really to comment on as the feedback from Si is close to zero.

It feels like their just going through the motions more than anything. For all my rants I think FML was potentially a massive game and I will be gutted if it does not reach its potential.

I have not really played anything or read anything that caught my imagination since Starcraft 2 maybe the future is in the mobile market I have a few gaming ish blogs in the form of Android Tablet Review, Top Android Phone and some of the games there are really rather good. X Construction is the latest one.

As a contemplate life without FML then I guess this blog will turn into my more general gaming blog.

On a more positive note I started freelancing when Furniture company I worked for went through and we now have a couple of clients, one sells new cars and the other sells alcohol. Amazing, what next a XXX site!

Still like to have something more secure but I guess this will do for now.