Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Plants V Zombies

Since formatting my PC I wondered what the heck it was before having a good old blast on this, classic game proves you do not need amazing graphics.

FML pop into Coppell now and again, odd got double relegated there for some bizarre reason which I couldn't quite fathom then joined EFA to try and bounce back up but that only has two leagues so finished 5th then got relegated (as you do). Still enjoyable for the odd lunchtime though and still not worth £5:)

My youth academies are in the old style obscure nations and producing short defenders is not quite my cup of tea so will relocate come close season to Germany or something.

Work wise stuff goes on with contracting still mostly SEO, PPC marketing stuff, manage to grind the cost per click down anyway, SEO is always a longer term thing.

Other than that pretty hum drum really.

Friday, 11 February 2011

FML Stuff

I was enjoying myself in Nunez but got out of the habit of logging in, around a week ago I thought 'omg best get in' only to find the account needed paying and then put it off for a day and by the time I actually was there with credit card in hand found the close season was almost over so put it off entirely.

I will get back into retail just that I do not think it offers real value currently, pity really as Nunez seemed like a really good GW.

Still have a beta team in Coppell which is going ok despite extended periods not logging in, do have a load of YA's so have a backlog of winning raffle tickets to ponder over.

Still contribute in beta as well, with regard to the beta forums I basically now say what I think, too old and ugly to be worried about hurting some feelings. Besides I can't imagine they want a beta full of yes men, if they do the best kick me out. I might have faults (the missus has a very long list of my faults) but being a yes man has never been one of em!

Other than that being doing a bit of poker and blogging. All the sites now I have set up as independent sort of review sites where I collate reviews. My income from them though dropped really badly for the last two weeks before going back up and now exceed the levels they were at before. Very weird!

Morale Moaners

Lots of moans on various forums about how morale dictates too much in the game and how you cannot do much about it. A common complaint is 'I do not have the tools to do anything about it!'. The truth is course you have almost as much as a real life manager, others will argue that a a real life manager can talk to the players and I have to smirk, come on do you really think that part of the game is ever going to be simulated.

I also have a chuckle when I listen to some of the posts that seem to know exactly what Ferguson did wrong or why results have gone wrong in real life, honestly surprised they are not doing the Liverpool job they seem so certain.

However I do sympathise, I myself have whined about it a lot using terms like 'loaded dice' etc however, now I am at one with it all.

I have no doubt written this before but this is my perception of morale based on an hypothetical example.

Neutral - Neither good or bad you could flop either way, you lose a game to a late unlucky goal and the bad run starts.
Bad Run Part 1 - You can see the confidence is gone in the players as they cannot do the most basic of things (anyone remember Torres in the World Cup?) You have to play cautious here, you are going to need players that will grind out a result, a good captain can make this run end much faster.
Bad Run Part 2 - Players are playing better but the results just do not seem to come, a brave sub might turn the tide here.
Bad Run Part 3 - This is bizarre world, the loaded dice zone players play great but you get unlucky, what can a manager do, the answer, nothing! How many times in real life do you hear a manager say 'if we keep playing like that results will come' and this is a horrible time but patience and results will come.
Good Run - Finally you get the break and have turned the corner how long you can keep this going will depend on the players, the tactics, how you rotate your team and who you play. It seems to build up, win, win, win, overconfidence, go back to Bad Run Part 1.