Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Match Engine and Real Life

Let me start by saying the Match Engine is not perfect and anyone who reads this blog will know I do not hold back if I think something is wrong with the game.

Reading the forum I suspect there is something up with red cards although I have not experienced this myself and corner exploits need to be kept on top of. However I think the ME (apart from a spell after reset where physical stats were overpowered) largely delivers realistic results. I'm not talking here about events but the end results.

However a lot of forum posters seem to think that this is not true because they have the wrong view of how random a game football is in reality.

So today for example a poster who is top of a league goes away from home gets a draw and says this is unrealistic claiming that in real life 1 in 40 games is a shock.

That is factually incorrect. How can I substantiate this well.....

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Youth Academies Unbalance the Game

Recently I went back to Coppell and I had forgotten I had built so many youth academies (duuno why and their not German, doh :( ) but it occurs to me that after a couple of seasons I have no got a load of high PA players.

Ok I got a load of rubbish as well but still it does you make you more secure for the future. It occurs to me that now with Youth Academies is two fold.

1) Money
2) Time

Prior to youth academies you could join a GW spend your basic £50k a day youth (on higher wages) and there you go you have your youth sorted. Now that option is not available as time is as big, if not bigger part of the investment.

Not that I have a solution it was just a thought really.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Good ole FML

Nunez I enjoyed the Pre Season it was quite nice to have a projected of £1.5m and trying to spend that in the best possible way (or not as the case may be) was good fun. Something quite addictive about looking at stats and players and trying to undercover a bargain.

Started the season and I think it is clear that we are likely to be heading for middle of the table, no relegation as we are in the bottom tier and after 7/8 games in the first few days already have that middle of the table / middle of the season feel. This would be fine of course if the season only lasted say 10/12 days but now I will not log in much as I'm just really waiting for the next close season to come round.

It is alarmingly easy to just lose touch. Still what I have played I have enjoyed.

News in beta looks great, well one thing looks great, the other thing is great but currently very very wrong. Cannot say too much.

Fix A
Say we have issue X and the cure is A, A does not work because B is broken, so fix B?

Fix C
Instead of fixing B we introduce a new extra fix called C which actually makes X worse and instead of removing C what they will do is add D.

Fix D
D will actually make X even worse again, so lets add E, that makes it even worse.

Fix E
The whole system is buggered lets reset and start again.

Currently we are at fix D and I can see fix E coming in.

I fell like the boy who cried wolf but all the villagers are dead from Wolves :)

Monday, 17 January 2011

Money Money

In non FM related news, I keep steadily losing money on Poker I still enjoy it though and it works out for a few hours entertainment on a Friday it costs me £5 a month.

I find Texas Hold Em a perfectly addictive game case in point I'm just about to pack my bags and on a table where I'm down £1, or $1 top be more precis,e and about to walk away.

I get a 9 and 6 of clubs someone raises to 0.30 and I think oh well lets play it I'm down anyway, the flop comes with two clubs and the git raises to $1 with another staying in. So I'm thinking I have a 1 in 2 chance of pulling another club it is going to cost $1 to stay in with a pot that is $4.

So crudely it is a 4:1 bet with odds of 2:1 so I have to take it, I end up pulling $11, nice, that will keep me going for another month.

In other money related news my domains, I seem to have over 50 now, are doing nicely, ok I will not be quitting my day job but it is nice and steady. I am at least in a position to use the cash to speculate on some more so to that end I bought Chester Furniture Stores, Furniture Stores Cardiff, plus a load more along the same theme which cost me £80 in total but that is way below what I take a month from the others so happy days.

One, Swansea Furniture, is pulling in 1000 hits a month so in theory I should be able to sell that for a tidy profit, it is pretty qualified traffic i.e. consumers looking to buy furniture in Swansea.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Back in the Room

I joined Nunez great to see Nick, Martin plus loads of familiar faces but I now must break into rant:)

Not really a rant though just my normal wibble. Overall process was pretty smooth. Prices are now all over the shop though, there were some really nice players available to sign for a new starter but with the new sign on fee's they are out of reach.

I spent a lot of time playing against the same lowest CPU team using this as a trial process a senior had to impress only took 3 seniors whilst I was a little kinder to youth.

Having looked at the prices being charged for players I thought youth was the best strategy and I would start with a bunch of youth and then do some shopping.

There has not been much inflation in Nunez by the looks so a lot of players were within my reach, with wages that were just £20k my projected gave me a bit of spending power.

I bought a couple of players that were £100k instant when their market value was £50k on the face of it you could argue then I overpaid but these were players that had wage demands of £12k but were on contracts of around £2k.

Saving me a total of upto £10k a day, so five days I'd have saved the extra on wages, a season rolls by and I'm in the money.

It did surprise me just how low the Transfer fee's are now, in fact Transfer Value is way under Sign On Fee this effectively gives top teams a free ride in the new wage system but I already mentioned that in a previous post.

From a personal point of view what the top teams get or not is of no interest to me as we are firmly a lower league team just hoping to work my way up.

Win lose or draw I shall enjoy this for a few months already aware though of the frustration of how slow FML is.... I look at stadium and know it will be around three months before that needs looking at, it will be six months before I know if any of the youths I have will start to blossom, it is four weeks before I rebuild for the new season.

Lets not be doom and gloom though it is a great game and with SI now starting to get proactive marketing wise it could finally turn the corner!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Work Work Work

Been busy over Christmas doing a lot of work although did get deeply into Minecraft. Keep an eye on the FML forums and things seem to be moving forward slowly on that front. Still have no idea why they haven't done any marketing.

It was curious to see the first wave of Grads using the new YA system and a few not happy as the quality is lower. Not sure why they did not have an issue when it was announced too late to be worried now.

Over Christmas started watching Peep Show from Episode One and that series must be the best comedy in the last ten years or so.

Anyway back to work, now looking to get links for a Tents site, this site sells a lot of camping tents during the summer and they want some SEO work done beforehand.