Friday, 21 October 2011

Dam The Bug Cometh Battlefield 3

Just started a new chap in work who is an FPS fan and a new laptop is on order capable of playing Battlefield 3 is on order. I'm catching this bug, the memories flood back of flying and shooting and I've been reminiscing over what I did during the last "war".

In the meantime did dabble with FM12 demo, was quite good, I did not much the presentation seemed a bit cluttered but it was a short hour I played it. I still play FM11 now and again but it does lack a bit of edge.

Just cannot seem to get over the right playing level for FIFA, either it is too easy or ceases to play like football. I hesitate to say too hard as I still win just the free flowing football goes.

Still working for OFL on a freelance basis, company is doing well and Oak Furniture Land PPC doing great even if I say so myself :) Good team there so it is no just me.