Tuesday, 29 June 2010

FML: Logged On and Off

Ohh I've loads of cash in Voller I could spend it on better players but the story so far is sign better players do worse sell better players do better.

So erm maybe I should buy a 17yo who can jump and run and play Soccerball (I like that!) anyway repair stadium. check skill. check fitness of players, log off. It only takes two minutes I'm simply not bothering with playing soccerball I never paid £5 a month for that!

Sub still has time to run so more whining due. Actually logged onto the forums and saw that PaulC is getting stuck into feedback a lot of managers had posted up examples of players.

To my eyes shocking examples of how bad the ME, not to SI it seems who for my money are paying lip service to it. Well, their bad examples if you follow football if you play soccerball then nothing wrong at all.

Finally got Trackmania sorted my laptop crashes under Xp but it's dual booted and runs ok in Vista (gawd I feel like I've sold out suggesting that Vista is better at something).

Anyway it's a cracking game for twenty minutes at a time.

I'm saving for an XBOX360 as FIFA11 is starting to look scarily good, my mate who's a Pro Evo fanboy has gone from writing FIFA off totally to conceding that he plays it now. It's like he's admiting to cross dressing or something:)

Anyway look how deep their going!

Monday, 28 June 2010

England Fans are awful

Another World Cup and the worst thing about the England national team are the media and the fans that act like sheep when it all goes wrong.

From what I saw England came up against a decent German team and went down 2-0 due to some bad defending and good German play.

Bravely they had a right go to get back into the game but eventually chasing the game the got caught on the counter.

It all stems from the fact the fans believe their better than they actually are. Don't get me wrong their a decent national side but could you honestly compare them to Brazil or Spain?

The worst part is when it goes wrong the press seem to be rubbing their hands with glee, 'lets all have a witch hunt' is the war cry.

Rooney was right 'nice to see your own fans booing' he tried his best he just isn't good enough to be able to carry the entire team.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

World Cup Comes alive.

Dam will be away on Sunday in Legoland, ffs. World Cup has come alive this last week with some cracking games.

Tough one on Sunday for England though.

Looked around for other games to play and I've still got nothing:(

I logged on to Voller maybe 1.6 has fixed my team but gawd only knows, I can see my 15.3 rep team is still getting beat regular by much worse teams.

I just have no idea what to do, I tried signing better players over the last four seasons and that made a good team worse:) One is £2.75m Aq Fee, how can a team play worse with a Messi like player in a team. Doh, not a 17yo super athlete = no good it seems.

Perhaps it's realistic in some weird way I don't know I was drifting from the game anyway and it having no bearing on what I consider to be football doesn't help:)

Still playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook a lot, it's great for a spare ten minutes or so. Hey I even fired up GL Quake yesterday!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New Stuff to look at

So after my shrug quit of FML I'm off out looking for something new to keep myself occupied. I quite fancy Medal of honour might be a bit old to play FPS now.

I did read all about the Nintendo 3DS which looks dam impressive.

My old favourite Trackmania is going to get a little run for sure, after that I'm out of ideas, perhaps Team Fortress again.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Time for a Something New

I think I'm FML'd out currently I just can't be bothered my Voller team started the season dreadfully and I could do something about it or least try but I just don't seem to care.

Which is no good, dam shame I love Football I love gaming and I love playing against others, seems like the game should appeal but it just doesn't anymore. Time to look for something else to play.

See no rage quit but shrug quit:)

I'm out looking for Freelance work currently so time is going to be limited....

Maybe it'll get fixed!

It's not fixed yet clearly but I called into forums today and posted in ME feedback thread and maybe PaulC is up for fixing the ME!

The game has a lot of issues but that one thing has to resemble football. Hopefully things will improve I really want FML to be a success.

If I'm honest I think SI are great at creating football simulations but are totally awful at creating mainstream games, that made sense when I thought it up.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

I know what Capello is Doing Wrong!

It's not Joe Cole he has skill what he should have done is taken the national U17 Athletics team, meet one of the top teams in Coppell:-

Low wages pretty successful, lets have a look at the squad.

Hey maybe their really great youths lets have a look:-

Football Manager Live my arse, Pinball Trader Offline would be more apt.

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Did have a dabble on Uruguay only a little un and traded out once the scored but bet at 2.22 and laid it off at 1.3, still made £4 though. Did well on the Spanish game betting on the draw and laying off at half time.

End of season in Voller and I started going through the motions of looking at wage auctions. I have to say the game is way off what I think football is about, I was looking for a DC saw a few great stats but jumping low yet £350k Aq Fee, so it only affects average rating?

Looking at the teams that have these players they have solid Aq Fee throughout and decent squads but they've struggled to do anything in tier 3. Why because they didn't know that jumping beats all and should have signed the 17yo's.

I've resolved never to watch a game until it's at least resembles football again otherwise it'll just wind me up. I've lost faith in SI totally, the ME should never have got into the state it is, the economy is buggered, the game is marketed at a demographic that doesn't exist and 1.5 got upto version 9 fixing bugs the previous fixes broke.

I'm treating it as sort of top trumps game and moving to a casual FA:)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Haven't bet much since last update did have a dabble against the Dutch but that didn't work out only a £4 jobby that one. Still waiting to see some value bets pop up.

My trading account, as I call it, seems to be doing as little better my actually stick with my current system. A low steady profit.

The games themselves haven't been great everyone seems terrified of losing although I did admire North Korea's efforts against Brazil.

In FML the dice have been rolled and I've reached the Final of the GW Cup in Turk and won the Youth GW Cup in Coppell, the Voller teams seems to get worse. Here are the top players in Voller filter set to played ten senior games or more:-

I did starting writing my wish list or fix list but the game is now so far removed from what I perceive to be football that I think I'd be wasting my time.

Just looking at tomorrows games Honduras v Chile the draw sits at 3.7, seems a bit low when Chile are at 1.7. Honduras at 6.6 seems a little high to me... think I'll pass on that for now.

Here is a little tip for you if your looking for value bets, work out the implied probability, very simple take 1 and divide by the decimal odds, then change to %. So:-

Odds at 2; 1 divided by 2 = 0.5, 50%
Odds at 3; 1 divided by 3 = 0.33, 33%

So the market thinks with odds at 2 there is a 50% chance of that happening if you think that's too low or too high then bet or lay accordingly.

One more thing if you are looking for something to watch Breaking Bad beats Lost, 24, House the whole lot. Very violent at times though not all the time which seems to make the violence worse when it comes.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Get In

I've got two betfair accounts one for trying to find a system (which I don't think exists but still have fun trying) and one for recreational betting which I hardly ever use.

Anyway I had £11 in the recreational one so I chucked on £11 for the first game of the day Slovenia win at 2.22. Got lucky there, then I was watching the Ghana game and they were at 4.4 to win the game which seemed overpriced to me.

So another £10 on that for a very nice result!

Signed a £2.2 Aq Fee AMC who can't jump in Voller, lol the 17yo's own his arse, he can do everything else mind looks a lovely footballer but of course that has fuck all to do with FML:)

Did ask for my money back on the subs I have left, no luck:(

Anyway looking at tomorrows games, the Dutch are at 1.5 so no value there. Cameroon and Italy look long to me 2.24 and 2.12, think I'll stick to betting in play based on the first 5-10 minutes.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Football Trader Live

Case closed call the jury.

World Cup
I must get this on record as a Welshman I want England to win. I've never really understood my countrymen supporting the likes of France or Argentina or Germany when England play them. Have we really got that much in common with any of those nations? Furthermore what do they care of us.

I'm British and any British nation doing well is good, ok if it was Scotland v England then Scotland I'd support but against the rest England every day of the week.

Tonight England drew with USA and I thought it was a half tidy result. USA are no mugs and in form.

I still can't understand the lack of Joe Cole he's arguably England's most Natural gifted footballer, yes even more so than Rooney.


I thought 30yo mature players in the game were like real life. Consistent, mentally strong, overall at the peak of their game.

In FML this isn't the case, 17yo with an Aq Fee of £30k is where it's at. Which is fine it's just my opinion that players of that age are like that.

However if my perception of football is so different from the simulation presented then it ceases to be about football and just another computer game.

A game with not a lot to do and costing £5 a month, I'm still pre paid currently but I'm off once that ends.

It's going to be time to take the gloves off soon, so much rage that it would make even T Bag blush :p

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

No Moaning!

I've come to the conclusion that SI want to create a game for the casual LLM manager and I'm not one of them. Perhaps that is too exact, lets say whilst it's difficult to put everyone in a box, I'm not really in that box much.

But, it's what FML is so why bother whining about it:)

Anyway with FML on the back burner we're two days away from the World Cup so I'm going to focus on that now.

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Form has gone from bad to patchy in Voller and pretty much the same in Turk. It's to be expected still have mostly value players throughout. Not really sure how a team of mature players struggles so consistently to overcome a team of youths but that's the current ME for you.

I've kind of ended up where I expected to be flirting with Premier League only and one of the also rans.

That's not too shabby though I was kind of like an Everton / Tottenham club in Shearer and would be pleased if ended up there. I think more likely is a Fulham type.

Not long left on subs though only four seasons after this one.

Been considering extending subs but I don't think it offers value currently. I don't think the game is in that bad shape I know there are a few bugs but I won't be rage quitting.

If your a LLM / Simulation type of manager that only wants to play for a hour or two a week I think the game is A1. Sadly I'm not that type of manager more of a rags to riches chap that would like to play more, c. five hours a week maybe.

Maybe I'll try one of the RS GW's in a few months.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Kind of bored

I'm now at casual manager level activity not because I'm casual or want to be casual but there isn't anything to do.

The squads are fine Voller team rallied to take 3rd in the first stage of the EFA so I now need a 9th and 6th I think to get in the Premier League, maybe that's wrong will have to check.

Turk is doing ok although a 35 game injury to my AMC hurts a little, plenty of depth in that squad though.

Maybe I'm missing something... I'm not spending enough on youths to be challenging for any honours and even if I was their very minor trophies. I suppose I could enter the various senior quickplays and FA leagues but they don't help the cause at all and would drive me nuts with all sorts of weird form.

I could buy another sub but I have two already and I'm not paying another £5 for five minutes of entertainment a day.

The things wrong with the game are worrying, inflation, YA's, youths overpowered, corner exploits and overpowered physicals. These are all fixable but SI just haven't got enough resources to cope and I still come back to the fact that I'm just bored.

I'm really starting to think that FM Live isn't going to make it.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

It's the Economy Stupid

Sigh how many times have I raged about Inflation.

It is the cause of so many of FML's woes and literally effects everything.

Case in point Youth Academies, I got the impression that Si didn't really want to do YA's but the community wanted them in, why?

I recall the threads 'omg SI youth wages are stupid fix it with youth academies'.

So now we have a cost based luck system for youths, guess what, they didn't want that, they wanted youth wages to be lower but they didn't want a luck system.

So what caused the high youth wages? High demand and many managers with the resources to buy them or if we want to be succinct, inflation.

Even now we have managers complaining on the forums with proposals for exotic controls on what managers can bid to stop the 'high wages'.