Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hey Ho Football Gaming Current Picks

I got myself an XBOX360 the other day and of course FIFA11. What is it with EA I do not want to go off on one but Ultimate Team is pushing me close to the edge.

Ultimate Team sounds daft but actually is great fun, you collect cards with players on and to add to your team, you play tournaments then win cash to buy more cards to buy better players and so on.

Its a nice little feature and is quite addictive, however you cannot play this when the EA servers are down or as is more common when your XBOX cannot connect to the EA servers. So you often play a game but find the servers have failed to see you to play it again as the result was not recorded. This happens so often as to make the entire feature an exercise in frustration.

Sort it out EA!

In other news I'm still building up my portfolio of domains, I would still earn more cash if I worked in tesco but the sites do come in handy for work sometimes so overall it makes it a worthwhile venture.

They are getting weirdly varied have a gander Preloved Horses, Very Discount Code, Meta Reviews, E Cigs Review to name but a few.

I'm off now to check out if FM12 is going to be any good from the little I have read so far I'm uninspired but that might yet change.