Sunday, 11 December 2011

Download World of Goo

It is that simple I got the full version but there is a decent demo version out there, very clever game does not get too frustrating. This was on my Samsung Galaxy Tab which I'm still very impressed with although I badly need a new phone as HTC Hero is just so slow.

Other games onto Assassins Creed Brotherhood and overall finding it good although the platform type sub-games are massively annoying, in fairness to Ubisoft that have a checkpoint system so you do not have go over and over the same routine. However it still means you can spend ten minutes trying the same jump eventually get that jump and find you miss the next jump after it.

So the time multiplies up, I can do jump A in 10 minutes but jump B is going to take 10 minutes so it will take me 10x10 minutes to get to the next checkpoint. Forget it I would rather not bother :)

Still load up FM2011 once a week and play a month or so with a Swansea side that is doing ok I quickly get bored of it though. A work colleague is not exactly doing a good job of selling FM2012 saying that the new team talk system is something of a grind.