Monday, 11 November 2013

Battlefield 4 Download

Well I tried the beta and it did run on my laptop which to be fair is borderline specification. Turning everything off resulted in a playable frame rate so I thought I would buy the game. It is crashtastic, I know my laptop is a low spec for the game but it should either refuse to run or should run slowly, it should not crash! This is software design 101, apparently though software 101 is not EA's strong point. I even got it on XBOX and that crashes as well, not as often but still it locks up the entire XBOX it is pathetic, so I asked for a refund, answer no. Why are Microsoft letting unstable games on the XBOX platform? Money I guess.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Forza Horizon

Got into this in a big way, just enjoyed the way the cars handled even played it online quite a lot. The new mods were very good fun especially cat and mouse. If you haven't heard then the concept then cat and mouse racing is two teams of 4 one on each is the mouse (very slow car) the others cats (fast car) only a mouse can win, what follows is a lot of crashing blocking etc.

Still working on a number of sites biggest currently is Pre Loved Ads which is a free ads or gumtree clone.