Wednesday, 4 October 2017

GTA Grinding the MC Business Glitch

I normally play GTA 3 hours or so a night, a bunch of us all have Bunkers/MC businesses and we spend that time helping with sales. As an MC member £30k a time.

So last night I wanted to try to take my previous supplies glitch to the next level. All business had pretty much zero stock between 3-5 bars supplies.

Did my supply run Cash - Coke - Meth

Cash Cost to fill £45k
Coke Cost to fill £30k
Meth Cost to fill  £30k

Before any supplies arrive leave MC go on camera overnight.

As soon as you come off camera supplies will arrive.

The morning rough numbers as I recall.
Cash £75k Supplies £75k
Coke £112k Supplies £75k
Meth £109k Supplies £75k

Sunday, 1 October 2017

GTA MC Business Glitch

So I've been playing around with an MC business glitch.

If you go on the camera supplies don't arrive.

However when you come off the camera the supplies arrive and they always fill up your bar to max.

So if you pay for £15k worth of supplies, wait for 1.5 hours, on the camera you will receive £75k worth of supplies.

As an example Coke Business pay for supplies £75k, wait 15 mins and order supplies again £15k. Go on the camera for 1.5 hours. You will now have have full supplies saving you £60k.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

GTA Earning Cash: Crates

In GTA Crates (not the god awful Smugglers Run ones) are still a viable way of earning cash.

A large full warehouse gives you around £1.5million but with over 30 missions it takes time. This is from Reddit Crate Stats Thread.

So I filled a large warehouse solo running 3 crates each time. I kept stats on every run in order to come up with an actual value for money per hour. Here's what I got: My average mission time for all 37 runs was 7:31. I added in the 5 min cool down 36 times, added both, and divided the given payout ($2,200,000) by the total time taken (7.625 hours). This gives us the amount made per hour as $288,524 per hour. This is not net. If you buy 3 crates at a time at 18k, you spend $666,000 to fill your warehouse. Take that out of the final payout, and refigure, you get $201,180 per hour.

Lets say we have four members in a Organisation. One sits in an office with two warehouses, the other three are collecting crates.

They spread out across the city, you can do this in such a way so that at least one member is no more than a mile away from a crate.

1min 3 crates collected
3 min 3 crate delivered
4 minute 6 crates collected
6 minutes 6 crates delivered

If one member drives the van one member pushes with a car, the other goes to the middle of the city, ready for the next crates.

Another way of looking at it;crudely sourcing crates are going from point A to B and to C.

If you spread your members across the city A-> B has to be shorter.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Swans 2017 Hope for the future

Its been a difficult season, suspicion of the new owners, getting rid of Franco was questionable and then Bob Bradley who was a disaster. Then there were the dismal displays absolute car crash results, spineless, disorganised drivel, enter Paul Clement, Tom Carroll and a few other signings. I think there are many reasons to be hopeful my main concern were the new owners, if you have the cash then you can asset strip a Premier League and make a fortune.

New signings in January were a sign (pun) that the new owners have no intention of going down this route, I always suspected they would not, the money they would gain would be eclipsed to the scale of the damage to their reputation, but its nice to get confirmation.

Tom Carroll and Swansea is arguably a perfect marriage, he will get playing time and a role where he can express his obvious ability in a team that likes to play football. Finally Paul Clement just seems to have it all, he has the experience as assistant and clearly very clever tactically from changes he has already made at various stages of games.