Monday, 4 January 2016

Swansea City Transfer Policy

Complacent About Results

This will seem odd coming from a Swansea City fan but over the last four seasons I haven't really cared about results. I recall following Swansea when we actually felt quite lucky to more than 2000 fans at the Vetch Field on a cold Wednesday night, so simply being in the Premier League felt like we had won every year for the last six seasons! That Premier League status felt safe until we recently drew with Bournemouth, it was then that I understood that we might be going back to the dark days of League Two football or even worse. How I ache to be complacent about results again!

So as a big fan over more than 20 years what do I think now.... Many small clubs have had extended runs in the top division Wimbledon, Stoke, Fulham are not exactly Man Utd, Chelsea so as a fan I feel extremely lucky to have witnessed the Swans in the Premier League.

I've heard rumours of trouble at the club and it does sound as if Monk wasn't able to control the situation so I think its the right time to look for a change.

The Swans Tactics

Tactically we've always had quite a simple yet elegant system, keep the ball, try and pull opposition players out of position and once that has happened then go for the jugular. Naturally teams will attempt to counter this by pressing high but by doing this leave themselves exposed to the long ball. I've seen Ashley Williams find Dyer with a long diagonal ball quite few times to know this can be counter productive for the opposition.

The Wrong Transfers

For many years now it was ball into the feet of a target-man with two fast wingers running off him, I think Ayew and Gomis don't quite fit into the system. Both were free transfers so were the Swans board being blinded by too good a deal when signing these players?

I think Ayew is good enough to adapt to play in another position but that is what he needs to do. I think Gomis is at the wrong club and we need to find another Bony!

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